Tasty and authentic dishes

The Green Oak is not a simple charming hotel with swimming pool. It is a hotel-restaurant offering quality food, with a menu full of regional and national specialties. The chef, who is also the manager of the establishment, is committed to cooking each day his favorite recipes, always based on fresh and seasonal products. You will have your meal in a convivial dining room mixing the rustic with the modern, or under the arbor of the hotel at the foot of the centuries-old oak tree which gives its name to the establishment.

Discover Provençal gastronomy

France is known around the world for its culinary specialties. The richness of Provencal cuisine is no stranger to this. In our hotel-restaurant, you will find on the menu dishes and ingredients that you will not often find outside of Provence. Stuffed Provençale, rust, scallop fillet, aubergine lasagna ... authentic dishes with the right wines. You are on the land of the appellation Côtes du Rhône, the chef makes a strong argument for its restoration. You do not have a room in our charming hotel? Whatever, our 40-seat restaurant welcomes you with open arms!

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If we had to choose a specialty from Chêne Vert, a hotel restaurant in Bollène, this would be it. It is rumored that some do not hesitate to make a few small kilometers to taste them. On the establishment's menu, the famous frog legs in parsley. A typically French specialty, which the chef always concocts with the same love. To try them is to risk succumbing to them.

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Ask for the menu! like our must-have Classics of frog legs in parsley

Le Chêne Vert, hotel-restaurant in Bollène strives to offer tasty and quality cuisine, made from fresh and seasonal products, and, as much as possible, from ingredients sourced from local producers and breeders. Home-made is also one of the keys to the quality of the menu, the desserts are no exception. The frozen nougat, with its nougatine prepared in the kitchen of Le Chêne Vert is to die for ...

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A cocktail menu

After a getaway in the gorges of the Ardèche or Avignon, after a refreshing dip of a few minutes in the swimming pool of your 2-star hotel in Bollène, why not treat yourself to a tasty cocktail at the bar. The list would be long, but you'll find the classic Mojito, Blue Lagoon or Caipirinha, famous cocktails with alcohol, but also non-alcoholic cocktails, Tutti frutti, baby rose ... there is something for everyone!

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